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Best Garden Cultivator

Small Garden Cultivators

Cultivators are a great tool, even for small gardens. Cultivating soil is back-breaking work, work that some gardeners don’t want to do and work that unfortunately, some gardeners are no longer able to do. But do not worry, this is where cultivators and tillers come in. These petrol powered pieces of gardening machinery have rotating metal blades that when powered by the petrol engine did up the ground. Don’t get me wrong, they are still not the easiest tool to use and have a habit of bouncing around a lot but they are a damn sight easier than turning the soil by hand. There are many smaller cultivators available for home gardens and allotments, below you will find our favourite small garden cultivator.

Our Favourite Small Garden Cultivator / Tiller

We Love It
Cobra 16" Petrol Powered Cultivator Briggs & Stratton

With exceptional performance and style, the Cobra T40B Cultivator is powered by a Briggs & Stratton 500 series engine has a tilling width of 16" and 4 high quality steel tines.

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The Cobra 16″ cultivator features a Briggs & Stratton 500E series petrol motor. This motor is an impressive 140cc, providing plenty of power in a small package. Briggs and Stratton are an American engine builder known for building reliable engines which is a great plus for this cultivator. It incorporates the latest engine design technologies ensuring optimal torque and efficiency, resulting in lower emissions The cultivator also features a tilling depth of 250mm or 10″ this is crucial as a good, deep till is essential if you want to burry and kill weeds rather than just scattering them around on the surface.

Tilling width is the width that your cultivator will churn up the ground in one pass. The cobra comes with a tilling width of 40cm or 16″. This is wide enough to reduce labour time but still narrow enough to make this tiller perfect for smaller gardens and allotments.

With 4 steel cultivating tines, the Cobra T40B petrol cultivator is well equipped for turning over soil in small, medium and even large gardens. A cultivator is good for loosening the soil in an existing planting area, weeding the area during the growing season and mixing compost into the soil.

The Cobra T40B Cultivator also comes with a 2-year warranty, offering peace of mind for the gardener.

If your looking for advice on clearing a garden of weeds make sure to check out our guide.

Why Use A Garden Cultivator

A cultivator is a great tool for saving hours of manual labour. Any gardener knows that digging soil over is back-breaking work, this is why people buy cultivators. They are great for turning soil over ready to plant, the process of turning over soil buries any surface weeds. When done twice or maybe even three times a few weeks apart this is a great method for killing off large areas of weeds.

If you are planning on gardening organically then a cultivator can quickly become an essential tool for helping to maintain weeds. A few runs with a cultivator spaced apart before planing out your new border or veg patch will help kill weeds without having to use any harmful, toxic chemicals.

I’m going to grow a new lawn – should I cultivate first?

Yes, definitely! Whether you are planning on seeding a new lawn (if so check out our guide to the best grass seed) or turning then cultivating first is a great idea. This is a real example of a gardening win-win. Firstly you will help to kill off any potential weeds in your lawn and secondly, you will be levelling off the soil so a perfectly flat lawn!