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Best Garden Spades

The Best Gardening Spades

A good spade will last you years, maybe even decades, that’s why it’s important to pick the right one if you are thinking of making a decent investment in a new spade. We have taken the time, effort and money out of this problem for you and examined the best garden spades currently on the market. Let’s jump in.

Best Digging Spade

Burgon and Ball have been making steel in Sheffield since 1730 and it shows. This spade is exemplary, shown by its official endorsement by the RHS and the Lifetime Guarantee given by Burgon & Ball. It’s more expensive than most spades, but you can clearly see why, they are simply inferior and in truth probably a false economy anyway. Why buy a cheaper spade that could break after a year when you could buy this British made spade which will last a lifetime?

The forestry commission certified hardwood in the handle has been tested to a breaking strain of 100kg, a massive 82% stronger than the British standard for this type of test. The blade is made from Sheffield stainless steel and has been made large to facilitate efficient digging.

Best Pointed Spade

A pointed garden spade is perfect for digging in harder, stonier soils. This great spade is from the popular Fiskars brand. The spade has been specifically designed to lend itself to a back-friendly working posture.