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Best Lawn Mower For Small Gardens

best lawn mower for small gardens

Anyone with a lawn needs a lawn mower (obviously!), but for those gardeners with smaller gardens then it isn’t always necessary to go for the biggest and the best mowers on the market. To help you out we have created this specialist buyers guide which is full of helpful advice and guidance to help you pick the best lawn mower for small gardens. If you are looking for the best petrol lawn mowers, in general, then check out our buyers guide here. Depending on your budget there are many different types of lawn mower that will work well in smaller gardens, these can be Hover Mowers, Manual Push mowers, electric and petrol mowers. Let’s get stuck in!

Hover Mowers

Hover mowers are more commonly known as Flymo’s like hoovers and vacuums Flymo is a brand name. These mowers work by creating a bed of air under the mower, this makes them incredibly light and manoeuvrable. What you gain in mobility though you do lose in cut height. However, these are still great compact mowers for use in small gardens. And due to the air cushion, they are very light when in use making them perfect if you don’t fancy pushing a heavy mower around your garden.


Designed for small gardens, the Flymo Turbo Lite 270 lawnmower uses a powerful 1400W electric motor with a cutting width of 27cm. The lawnmower is lightweight and floats on a cushion of air whilst cutting the grass. Lightweight, easily folds down for storage and can be wall-mounted.


  • Cutting Width of 27cm
  • Cutting Height of 11-31mm with 4 spacers
  • Manual Cutting Height Adjust
  • Foldable handles for easy storage
  • 10m Cable Length

Electric Mains Mower

This is the lawn mower most homeowners will be familiar with. A simple four-wheeled plug-in mains mower. For small gardens, you want a lightweight model for ease of manoeuvrability. As cutting width really doesn’t matter that much for smaller gardens you can find some great bargains.

Great Offer
Feider Electric Mower- 200W
WAS £149.99 NOW £89.99

The FTDE1200R is a lightweight yet powerful eletcric lawn mower from well know brand Feider. 

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