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Best Patio Cleaner

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best patio cleaner

When it comes to our gardens, there can be one problematic area that we want to bypass after the winter months. It can be a vast expanse of space. Be covered in a considerable amount of moss, grime, and dirt. It can even be a slipping hazard. Have you guessed the area we are discussing? That’s right, the patio area. In your garden, a patio is a well-used space in the Spring and summer. You may enjoy a relaxing coffee first thing in the morning. Enjoy the afternoon sun while you watch your children playing. Even catch up with your partner at the end of the day with a sweet beverage or two. But, one job needs to be done, which is to clean it before it can even be used properly. There is no denying that cleaning your patio is a job that many people want to avoid. They can feel like it is a lot of work to get it right, and requires a lot of labour-intensive effort on your part. So we wrote this extensive guide on patio cleaners and different cleaning methods. Interested? Read on to find out more.

Our favourite patio cleaners

Most people consider using a pressure washer when it comes to cleaning their patios, and it can often be the best patio cleaner option to consider. It can be a time-saver, easy to use, and this Kärcher version is rated as being one of the best. Here are some of the features you can expect with this model:

  • An LED display trigger gun. This helps to guide you to the correct pressure setting for the surface you are trying to clean. Making it simple and easy to use.
  • A Home kit. This includes a T350 patio cleaner and a 1 L bottle of 3-in-1 stone and facade cleaner. It is enabling you to get on with the job sooner.
  • It has an extendable plastic handle. This makes transporting your washer easy and allows for neat storage when it isn’t being used.
  • The stability foot at the base of the washer makes for a very sturdy product. Again allowing this machine to be even easier to use.
  • 2 Year warranty giving you peace of mind as the customer.

The price tag is on the steep side, but this purchase can be used again and again. Not only could you consider adding additional attachments for other cleaning options in your home, but it enables you to keep on top of cleaning the patio. As it is a natural product to use, you will be more likely to keep up with the maintenance of cleaning your patio, and less likely to leave it to be that “once a year” chore.

The K4 Full control has been designed to give you the confidence that will allow you to maximise the results when cleaning your patio. A great feature is being able to vary the pressure. This can be done with a simple twist of the spray lance. You can then use the LED display to ensure that you have the right level of pressure for the job. It really is one of the best cleaners about especially for block paving and other outdoor surfaces including driveways, patios, walls and more. Some of the other features include:

  • Plug-in cleaning detergent option.
  • Onboard accessory storage making it neat and tidy when stored away.
  • Simple set-up and operation. Less work overall.
  • Full control spray gun.
  • Different settings.

Last, of all, you may be thinking that you might not have the space to store such a device in your home, but it folds away very quickly and takes up minimal storage. You will find that it becomes one of your “go-to” choices of tools to get specific cleaning jobs done when it comes to the exterior elements of your home. Rated five stars this pressure washer can be one of the best pressure washers around, ensuring that you get the job done in half the time.

Runner Up – Patio Magic 5L

While many consider some sort of pressure washer when it comes to cleaning a patio, some simply don’t feel that can justify such an investment. This is when the patio magic patio cleaner can be of great assistance. Here are some of the main features to give you a clearer idea of what this product is about and how easy it is to use:

  • This product is a ready to use hard surface cleaner that kills and controls green mould, algae, and lichens when applied to the patio area.
  • It has a battery-operated Power Sprayer for easy application. With this product, 4x Duracell AA batteries are included. Just be aware that you may need to replace these after time.
  • The beauty of this product is that you just spray and leave it to work its magic. No scrubbing required, which means it is less work overall.
  • You can use this product on a variety of surfaces that include outdoor paved areas, patios, paths, driveways and walls, greenhouse or conservatory glass, perspex, and garden furniture. This makes it an all-round cleaner that you can get more use out of.
  • You will see bright and visible results in 2-4 days. It may not give you that instant satisfaction, but it can be a great alternative to a pressure washer machine.

The price tag of this patio cleaner is much less than one of a pressure washer, and it can give you great results. While you may not be able to clearly see the change straight away, like you would when using a machine, you can see the process over a few days. This means that it will likely need to be a dry day where you know there will be a few days for the patio cleaner to work its magic.

This product is for use on outside spaces, such as patios, paths, and paved areas. It is advised that you test a small area first to ensure that you are happy with the results, before applying to a large surface area. For the best results, treat the patio areas when the weather is dry to avoid any rain washing the liquid away or diluting it. It is also safe around children and pets, although you will need to wait until the liquid has dried before allowing them to step on the patio. The beauty of this product is that it is a one-stop-shop when it comes to cleaning the patio. It requires no scrubbing or the use of a pressure washer or water after it has been applied. Making it very simple for a big task that patio cleaning can be.

What are the best ways to clean my patio? 

Cleaning with a pressure washer

Cleaning a patio with a jet wash

Many people associate cleaning your patio with a pressure washer, as this can be the logical choice to go with. The process of using a washer can be straightforward, and depending on the model you choose, it is a quick set-up process. Using a pressure washer can be far faster, easier, and more effective than using manual applications like a scrub and hose. There are a few steps that you need to follow to ensure that you can use your washer effectively.

Step one

Firmly attach the hose to the tap. This is where the pressure washer gains its water supply from, so you will want to ensure that this is connected correctly.

Step two

Turn the hose on and then release the lance trigger until the water runs freely. Make sure you do this before you switch on the power to ensure that all aspects of have been attached correctly.

Step three

You now need to fit the appropriate lance for the job. This will be a simple attachment and easy to use. The pump will not operate until you squeeze the trigger, so be careful when attaching the lance. Make sure all of the connectors are tight, and there are no leaks before starting.

Step four

Work from one edge of the corner of the patio, blasting any dirt and grime away from you in a sweeping motion. This helps you to work with a clean area, and see what is being done. It also reduces the amount of work that is needed. You can then rinse off using a lower pressure to finish the job.

The pressure washer can also be a great way to get rid of weeds growing in-between the paving or slabs. You may then want to add a weed killer to ensure they don’t grow back. It may take a little time and practice, but you will be pleased with the result once you have completed the task. A pressure washer is one of the best patio cleaners that you can get.

Cleaning with liquid

If you want to choose the alternative option of cleaning with a pressure washer, then using the patio magic cleaner may be the ideal option to consider. An inexpensive way to clean up your patio, but it can take a little longer when it comes to the overall process of it. Here are a few steps to take to ensure that you use the liquid correctly.

Before starting

For the best results, before you apply the solution, you should remove any significant accumulations of mould or algae using a stiff brush. You should also remove any debris on the patio area, such as leaves, twigs, and weeds.

Step one

Spray the liquid on to the surface that you want cleaning. This product is ready to go, so there is no messing or need for any installation process. You can start as soon as you would like to. Patio magic liquid is a concentrated solution, so it needs to be diluted in water using a low-pressure garden sprayer or watering can.

Step two

You then need to leave the patio or another surface that you are cleaning to dry. It is best not to apply the liquid if you expect rain in the next 5-6 hours. This gives the liquid a chance to work correctly and provides you with visible results in 2 days. Children and pets will need to be excluded from the treated areas until the solution has dried.

Step three

The beauty of this product is that there is no need for scrubbing or the use of a pressure washer. The liquid solution does all the hard work for you. It won’t stain or damage the treated areas.

Some of the other benefits of the liquid solutions are that it kills green mould and algae within a typical 2-4 day period. It gently treats the surface of the following weeks and months as well, reducing the return of moss, algae, and green mould. The control of lichens can take from 2 weeks to 6 months, just depending on the level of treatment that is needed.

Overall this can be an easy to use alternative to investing in a pressure washer and is another excellent option to consider when it comes to the best patio cleaners.

Let’s wrap it up

Each method has its plus points and drawbacks, there is no denying that. You may find that you need to think about the investment side of things when it comes to a pressure washer. But it can give you long-lasting results, and once the investment is made, it can be safely used again and again.

The magic patio liquid is a great and cheaper alternative. Still, you may find that you can only see the benefit of it on a smaller surface area. Bleach can give you the same results, without the price tag, as you can easily pick up the bleach in many supermarkets for less than a pound. But again these two options are more suitable to smaller areas.

In our conclusion, we believe that if you have a larger surface area to clean, then a pressure washer is always going to make easy work of it. But for smaller spaces, you don’t necessarily need to invest as much.

Frequently asked questions

How to clean a patio with Jeyes fluid?

Jeyes fluid is acknowledged as one of the most flexible options when it comes to cleaning patios. It is proven against things such as moss and algae. Only 150ml of Jeyes fluid needs to be diluted with every five litres of water. This is sufficient to help with affected areas. You will need to apply the solution, much like you would do with bleach., and scrub it into the affected area. Leave the solution for a while, and you will start to see the results.

How to clean a patio without a pressure washer?

A pressure washer can often be a stretch when it comes to budget, so many people are always keen to understand how you can clean without one. We have already given alternative best patio cleaners earlier on this article. But a great tip is to use some sort of solution, be that shop-bought or bleach, and then scrub the affected areas. A great piece of advice is to ensure that all areas are rinsed thoroughly and brushed once more to allowing the area to be used again.

Can you clean patio slabs with vinegar?

Stone patios in-particular can benefit from a water and vinegar solution being sprayed on to it. It is advisable to dilute the vinegar, but if you want a more robust solution to help get rid of stains, feel free to mix it strongly. Meaning you can create a stronger solution for harder to clean problems. Again the same principle would apply with any other liquid solutions that you try. Clean the surface with a brush and water first, then add the solution and work it into the patio slabs.

How do you clean a brick paver patio?

Brick paver patios can be notoriously tricky to clean, as they have a much smaller surface area per slab. But some of the ordinary options like using a chlorine bleach can be very effective. This is because there are more chances of weeds and moss growing in-between the slabs. You will need to mix the solution and follow the steps as per the bleach cleaning instructions. Rinse off with water once you are done.

How do you clean a cement or slate patio?

Finally, a cement or slate patio is another material that could be used in your garden. Thankfully, you don’t need any specific solutions to give them a good clean. You could try liquid solutions that are disinfectants or again use bleach and scrubbing. Power washers can also work well on these surfaces but try and use a lower pressure setting.

Let’s hope this has given you the tools and the knowledge to get your patio looking brand new this Spring.

How to get rid of weeds

Why not try a weed burner? These handy little tools burn and kill weeds and are perfect for use on patios and driveways.

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