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Best Professional Petrol Hedge Trimmers

When cheaper alternatives just won’t cut it then its time to invest in some serious professional hedge trimmers. If you are cutting all day or just want the extra power then a set of powerful hedge trimmers can be a great investment. When making a big purchase it is important to do your research first, this is where I can help you.  After years of working as a professional gardener with lots of different kit I have a good idea of what’s good and what’s not. Speaking of professional-level gear, if you are in the market for a professional petrol strimmer make sure to check out my guide here.

Best Professional Petrol hedge Trimmers

Best Professional Petrol Hedge Trimmer

Kawasaki engines are known for quality and performance, so having one in your hedge trimmers is a brilliant idea. The HTK-75’s come with really long cutting blades helping you to speed up your job which in turn helps to pay back your investment in them.

One feature I absolutely loved with these when I got my hands on them was the rotating rear handle. Maybe I am just out of the loop a bit but I had never seen this feature before but once I used it I seriously wonder why all high-end hedge trimmers don’t incorporate it. The handle allows cutting intricate shapes with ease and less twisting of the body!

So as to ensure you can complete all-day shifts without becoming overly fatigued, this model has been equipped with advanced anti-vibration measures and the weight has been kept down to only 5.9kg.

Best Long Reach Hedge Trimmer

When ladders just aren’t practical or safe a long reach set of trimmers comes in really handy, my personal recommendation is the Stihl HLE-71’s from Mow Direct. If you have read my best pro petrol strimmer guide then you will already know I am a huge Stihl fan. While some people say the quality isn’t quite where it used to be with Stihl I have always found them to be an exceptional product.

Long reach hedge trimmers are clumsy, heavy and difficult to get a good cut with. This is why I usually just hop up a ladder, sometimes however this isn’t possible, or safe. This is where a good long reach trimmer can really save the day. The Stihl’s do go some way to addressing the weight issue coming in at only 6.5kg however over extended use this still adds up, meaning the harness that also comes with these trimmers is a great addition.

An ergonomic ‘loop’-type handle and a vibration-absorbing soft-grip handle further aid ease-of-use; while an extra-wide tooth-pitch (35cm) ensures large-diameter growth won’t cause stalling or motor overload.