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Best Professional Petrol Strimmer

If you are a heavy-duty user, whether professionally or in your own garden then you the right kit. A cheap domestic strimmer just won’t cut it, you need the best professional petrol strimmer you can get. After years working as a professional gardener I believe I am in a position where I can help you out and offer some great advice when it comes to purchasing the best professional petrol strimmer on the market today. If you are in the market for more professional kit make sure to have a look at my best professional petrol hedge trimmers guide and also my best professional petrol lawn mowers guide.

best professional strimmer

Best All-round Professional Strimmer

Best All-Rounder
Sthil FS56

Characterised by its impressive construction-quality and high-specification engine, the German-manufactured Stihl FS56 C-E will come into its own in the hands of the more exacting gardener.

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One of the iconic professional landscaping brands, Stihl really do make good stuff. I have always been a fan of Stihl gear and it is what I used throughout my time as a professional gardener. They are one of the top brands in the business and you really can’t go wrong with them. Made in Germany to exacting standards their products just ooze quality.

The FS56 comes with bull horns, which are a must if you will be using the strimmer for extended periods of time. Even with this being the lightweight version and only coming in at 5kg you will really appreciate the bull handles after a little while, I always like to use a harness too. Even at 5kg after 10-20 minutes trying to hold out that weight constantly you will really start to feel it in your arms. The bull horns also allow you to get a nice arc going, allowing you to slice through large areas of grass/weeds/brambles in one sweeping pass.

Best 4 Stroke Professional Strimmer

Best 4 Stroke
Oleo-Mac Sparta

Oleo-Mac are one of the world’s leading brushcutter manufacturers, so it should come as no surprise that this very high-quality machine is one of the best you can get. 

We earn a commission from any items purchased through this link at no charge to yourself. This helps fund what we do here!

Oleo-Mac is a lesser-known Italian garden machinery manufacturer, while not as well known as Sthil they still make exception quality products.

Why four-stroke you may ask, well for starters you don’t have to pre-mix your fuel, so there’s one advantage already. Then there is a huge difference in the number of pollutants created. The Oleo-mac’s powerful and highly advanced 35.8cc four-stroke engine produces 85% fewer unburned hydrocarbons and 65% fewer nitrous oxides than a standard 2-stroke machine. As well as the obvious health benefits for the operator, this means fewer pollutants entering the atmosphere, which is better for the environment all around.

Why use a professional strimmer

Professional grade strimmers tend to be higher powered and also engineered for much more durability. If you are intending on using your petrol strimmer professionally day in day out then you will need a high-quality strimmer. Your run of the mill strimmer just won’t cut the mustard at this level and you will probably find it packs up on you sooner rather than later. The increased power offered by the professional strimmers is also essential if you are planning on cutting through tougher weeds and plants such as brambles.

Do I need a harness?

If you are asking this question then I guess you have never used a heavy strimmer for extended periods of time before, the answer is an emphatic yes! You need a harness if you are planning on strimming for more than 30 minutes. Even though these professional strimmers might not be incredibly heavy, it soon adds up when you are trying to hold your arms outstretched constantly. A harness is a lifesaver, and being able to hang your strimmer off your hip while moving around really will help your back in the long term.

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