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Best Pruning Saws

image of a man sawing a branch using a pruning saw

What is a pruning saw?

A pruning saw is a short, often curved, saw created for sawing medium branches for the purpose of pruning, hence the name. A pruning saw will have really sharp angular teeth specifically created for cutting through live wood. Pruning saws come in fixed and foldable forms and also in a variety of sizes. A pruning saw is used on branches that are too large to cut with a hand pruner but not large enough to require the use of a chainsaw.

Our Favourite Pruning Saws

The best pruning saw for you will depend on your intended usage, so with that in mind, we have broken down our review into three distinct subsections. Best short pruning saw for tight spaces, best regular pruning saw and best polearm pruning saw for high reach pruning.

Best Short Pruning Saw

This small folding saw from GRÜNTEK features a 180mm blade and folds down small enough to fit in your perfect. This is the perfect tool for those cluttered areas inside the main canopy of a tree or bush where a larger blade just proves to be incredibly impractical. The blade is Teflon coated, allowing it to slide through living and dead wood with ease. Another great feature of the blade is the fact it is made from high carbon steel which is incredibly sharp. The handle also being made or cork makes this pruning saw feel particularly good in the hand, it is comfortable even over prolonged usage. The grip part prevents slipping and thus enables reliable use. A small hanging hole facilitates storage.

Best Regular Pruning Saw

When it comes to gardening tools you cant beat Wolf Garten and this pruning saw is no exception. Made in Germany with specialist double hardened teeth this saw goes through branches like butter. One major advantage of this pruning saw is that you can also fit the Wolf Garten telescopic handle to it (recommended model ZM-V3 or ZM-v4) making this possible to use as a long reach saw too. The saw is fitted with an integrated branch hook which prevents the saw from being accidentally pulled from the tree, another ingenious feature is a bark scratcher which helps to prevent cracks in the bark. This all leads to an incredibly clean cut. Like all Wolf Garten tools, this saw comes with an incredibly long guarantee for extra peace of mind, 10 years in this case!

Best Telescopic Pruning Saw

Telescopic saws are ideal for those hard to reach high branches. Once you have one of these bad boys you no longer need to get the ladders out and can cut down high branches with both feet planted firmly on the floor. The draper comes with a rope operated cutting blade alongside the pruning saw meaning you can cut both large and small branches with ease. The teeth are only designed to cut on the downward stroke which helps to reduce snagging.

How To Use A Pruning Saw