Blow Torch For Weeds – Do They Work?

Blow Torch For Weeds

If you are thinking of easy ways to weeds then burning the little blighters definitely sounds like an easy method. But is this possible, do blow torches for weeds even exist? let’s have a look and find out.

Blow Torch For Weeds
Blow Torch For Weeds

Blow Torch For Weeds

These are commonly known as weed burners and come in a few different flavours. There are gas and electric weed burners as well as higher-powered gas burners.

Handheld Gas Blow Torch

These are the most common weed burner. It is a simple handheld blow torch that uses a portable camping gas bottle to burn weeds.

I have tried and reviewed a few of these weed burners and this one below is my favourite.

Best Handheld Gas Burner
Gas Weed Burner + 4 Cannisters of Butane

Kill weeds without the need for toxic chemicals, this weed burner blasts the plants with intensive heat that instantly destroys the weeds' internal cell structures causing them to wither and die within 1-2 days.

  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Strong Burning Power
  • Need to Keep Buying Gas
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06/26/2022 04:08 am GMT

Electric Weed Burners

Electric weed burners are also a very popular way of destroying weeds. I must say though that I am not a fan of them.

They simply are not powerful enough, especially when you compare them to gas weed burners. They take too long to kill the weeds and for me, you are much better off with a gas weed burner.

Heavy Duty Gas Blow Torch

These big gas burners use a propane tank, like the kind you use with a gas BBQ. They are also known as roofers’ torches as they are commonly used to soften bitumen when working on flat roofs.

These are the quickest way to burn weeds and they work really well but they can be a little intimidating.

Best Heavy Duty
Heavy Duty Gas Weed Burner

A general purpose gas torch suitable for roofing, road line burning, weed killing, ice melting etc This kit contains all the fittings you need to use the torch - will connect to standard propane gas bottle outlets

We earn a commission from any items purchased through this link at no charge to yourself. This helps fund what we do here!

So, Do Blowtorch’s Kill Weeds?

Yes, they definitely do, take a look at the before and after photos below of some burning I did to see that for yourself. Even if you don’t fully burn the weed to ash, the heat from the burner can be enough to kill the cells inside of the weed, leading to eventual death.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Weed-Burner-Horse-Tail.jpg
Horsetail after it has been burnt with a weed burner
The same horsetail after a few days
The same horsetail after a few days

So, which weed burner to buy?

Now you are wondering which exact weed burner to buy, I have made the complete buying guide and tested lots of different burners to find the best weed burner!

How to remove weeds with a weed burner


  • Clear the area of any debris that may catch fire.
  • Light your torch (or turn it on with electric models!) and then slowly pass the flame on top of the weeds.
  • Avoid deflecting the heat towards any plants you want to save. Most weed burners come with a shroud that helps you “Aim” the heat.
  • Turn and burn the roots if possible, this will greatly increase your chances of killing the pesky blighter off for good!
  • Never burn a poisonous plant as the smoke can provoke reactions in some people.

Top Tips

  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Clearing debris is essential in summer to reduce the chances of the fire spreading.
  • If using a gas weed burner then always store the fuel in an upright position.


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