Can I Plant Carrots In August?

Can I Plant Carrots In August?

You can plant carrots in August but I would suggest planting them undercover in a greenhouse or polytunnel as it is a bit late to be planting them outdoors.

If you don’t have beds in your greenhouse or polytunnel then firstly I strongly advise you to build some, they are so much better than using grow bags, but secondly, you can use pots to grow your carrots.

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08/08/2022 12:51 pm GMT

I use these fabric pots above a lot on my allotment, I mainly use them for potatoes but they can work just as well with carrots.

Fill the pots with good compost and you will have the perfect soil for nice long, straight tap roots. You can also plant carrots in sand, but that is for another article.

What Type Of Carrot To Sow

You can still sow large main crop carrots in August, a very popular carrot for this time of year is autumn king. These are large, classic carrots, you can find the seeds here.

You could also sow some Parisian carrots, these are the small globe-shaped carrots that are roughly golf ball sized.

Due to the smaller size, these are quick maturing so make great carrots to sow later in the season. Find the seeds here.

How To Sow Carrots

For sowing in August I would recommend sowing into modules as you may not have much space in the greenhouse or polytunnel to direct sow them.

If you can control your fingers and thumbs then try to get one seed per module so we don’t have to thin. Thinning at this time of year isn’t a disaster but it can attract carrot fly so I like to avoid it if possible.

Keep well watered while young. Once established carrots are very drought resistant and will only need watering once a week.

If you see the shoulders of the carrots appearing above the soil then cover them with compost to stop them from greening.