Can I Plant Carrots In July

Can I Plant Carrots In July?

Want to know if you’ve still got enough time left to get some carrots in the ground and harvested this year? Well, you have come to the right place, Let’s have a look and see if you can plant carrots in July.

Can I Plant Carrots In July?

July is generally considered to be the last month to plant carrots for an autumn harvest. There are ways to keep growing carrots throughout the autumn but for main crop carrots grown outside this is the end of the sowing season.

The only thing you need to bear in mind when sowing carrots in July is that young seedlings can quickly dry out in the heat and direct sunlight that June often brings, so remember to keep any young seedlings well watered.

What Type Of Carrot To Sow

You can still sow large main crop carrots in July, a very popular carrot for this time of year is autumn king. These are large, classic carrots, you can find the seeds here.

You could also sow some Parisian carrots, these are the small globe-shaped carrots that are roughly golf ball sized.

Due to the smaller size, these are quick maturing so make great carrots to sow later in the season. Find the seeds here.

How To Sow Carrots

So seeds in shallow drills, space the drills around 10-15cm apart.

Try not to go overboard with your seeding so that we don’t need to do too much thinning. We will still probably need to do a little thinning but we don’t want to overdo it.

The reason for this is that thinning carrots can attract carrot fly. We can help prevent this by getting rid of the thinned carrots seedlings as soon as they are out of the ground, do not leave them lying around.

Keep well watered while young. Once established carrots are very drought resistant and will only need watering if it hasn’t rained for 10-14 days.

If you see the shoulders of the carrots appearing above the soil then cover them with compost to stop them from greening.