Can I Plant Clematis In July?

Can I Plant Clematis In July?

Got a beautiful clematis to plant but not sure wether July is the best time to do it? Lets have a look and find out if you can plant clematis in July.

Can I Plant Clematis In July?
Can I Plant Clematis In July?

Can I Plant Clematis In July?

There is no problem with planting a clematis in July and the good weather will help it establish quickly. One thing you will need to keep on top of though is watering.

With the hot and dry weather than July usually brings any transplanted plant will be vulnerable to damage and with clematis loving cool roots it is even more susceptible than others.

As long as you give it a good initial soak and then make sure it doesn’t dry out you should be fine.

How To Plant Clematis

Clematis love having cool shaded roots but plenty of sun on the rest of the plant. This sounds complex but it is actually really simple.

Pant the clematis deep into the soil, with the base level of where it was in the pot at least 5cm below the new surface. You then want to provide some cover to the roots.

This can be done by growing small bushy plants around the base to create shade or you can use a mulch or something decorative like pebbles.

It is also a good idea to add a little gravel or sand to the bottom of your hole and to also back fill it with good quality compost.

While clematis like their roots to be cool and not dry they don’t like being sat in water, so good drainage is a must.

In Summary

Yes you can plant clematis in summer. The only thing you need to do differently when planting a clematis in July is to be really attentive with your watering.

If we are going through a heatwave, which at the time of writing in July on is predicted next week, then you may be watering your clematis every single day to keep it happy.

Plant your clematis below the soil level and the keep the roots cool and in the shade but the leaves in full sun. Use plants or slates, rocks, pebbles, mulch to keep the roots cool.