Can I Plant Gladiolus Bulbs In July

Can I Plant Gladiolus Bulbs In July?

How late in the season can you plant gladiolus? Take July for example, can you plant gladiolus bulbs in July? Let’s take a look and find out.

Can I Plant Gladiolus Bulbs In July
Can I Plant Gladiolus Bulbs In July

Can I Plant Gladiolus Bulbs In July?

If you do plant in July you can expect flowers in October, this late sowing is a great way to get some really late season colour in your garden.

How To Plant Gladiolus

Gladiolus like a nice and rich but well-draining soil, lots of compost essentially. They really don’t like thick clay soils.

If this sounds like your soil, and it is what I have, then you will need to improve it before planting the bulbs. To improve clay soils you just need to dig in some compost and sand.

You can also chuck a load of sand in the bottom of the hole you are going to plant the bulb in to aid drainage. 1 or 2cm of sand is fine for this.

You want to plant the bulbs nice and deep, around 15-20cm, a bulb planter is a lifesaver if you are planting lots of gladioli.

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When planting your bulbs it is also worth thinking about staking. Your plants will need staking when they are larger and you don’t want to damage the bulbs, so many people choose to put the stakes in now when planting.

If you don’t want a load of sticks sticking up with nothing growing then you could mark exactly where the bulbs are using a shortened bamboo cane.

This way when it comes time to stake the plants you know exactly where the bulbs are and can avoid them.

Staggered Planting

Gladiolus only flower for a short period of time, because of this I advise regular staggered planting of the bulbs every couple of weeks.

If done correctly this will give you an amazing display of flowers from June all the way through to October and the first frosts.

You can begin planting gladiolus bulbs straight into the ground in May or start them in march in a greenhouse or indoors. Just something to think about for next year!