Can I Plant Lavender In July?

Can I Plant Lavender In July?

Wanting to add some lavender to your garden but not sure if July is the right time of year to plant it? Let’s have a look and find out if you can plant lavender in July.

Can I Plant Lavender In July?
Can I Plant Lavender In July?

Can I Plant Lavender In July?

You can though sow lavender seeds in July if you are thinking of growing your plant from seed. Have a look at my how-to-grow lavender from seed advice below for more help.

The heat in the middle of the summer can wreak havoc on freshly planted lavender, this is why it is not a good idea to plant it in June, July or August.

Wait until the weather has started to cool and plant lavender in late August or September. The absolute best time to plant lavender however is in mid-spring around May.

How To Plant Lavender

If you can plant your lavender between March and May, this is the best time to plant it.

Lavender likes good, well-draining soil so if your soil could use some improvement then add some compost to it before planting.

Add plenty of compost to the bottom of the hole and only plant your lavender as deep as it was in its pot.

As will all new plants, make sure you give them plenty of water straight after planting.

How To Grow Lavender From Seed

The vast majority of people will buy established plants or grow lavender from a cutting. You can, however, grow it from seed, although it will take a little care and more importantly patience!

Sow in spring up until mid-summer. Sow it in a pot or module tray using multi-purpose compost.

Wet the soil first and then place the seed on the surface of the soil and don’t press it in.

Lavender needs a lot of heat to germinate which makes sowing it in July perfect. If you are out of season then you can use a heated propagator or a greenhouse.