Can I Plant Lily bulbs In July

Can I Plant Lily Bulbs In July?

Wanting to plant some lily bulbs but not really sure if it’s the right time of year? Can you even plant lily bulbs in July? Let’s find out.

Can I Plant Lily bulbs In July
Can I Plant Lily bulbs In July?

Can I Plant Lily Bulbs In July?

So while you cannot plant your lilies now in July if you wait just a couple of months it will be the perfect time to plant them. Early August is the absolute best time of year to plant Lily bulbs in the UK.

How To Plant Lily Bulbs

Lilys like rich well-draining soil and also need to be lifted to survive a UK winter unless you live in the southern most parts of the country.

For this reason, lots of people tend to row lilies in pots, although they can be successfully grown in the ground.

If you are going to grow into the ground make sure to add plenty of compost to your soil and maybe even some sand on clayier soils in order to improve the drainage.

When planting in pots you can use multi-purpose compost but it is a good idea to mix some sand, grit or vermiculite in to improve the drainage.

Whether planting in the ground or in pots you need to plant lily bulbs deep, the deeper they are the more protected they will be from frost.

You want to be at least 15cm deep but nearer to 20cm is more ideal. You can plant individual bulbs or clump them together with 3 or more bulbs in a single hole.

This comes down to the type of display you want, and if growing in pots, the size of the pot at your disposal.

Overwintering Lilies

It is always a good idea to move pot-grown lilies into a sheltered spot like a greenhouse or cold frame over winter.

If you live anywhere other than southern England then you probably need to lift ground-growing Lillies and pot them up and again move them to a greenhouse over winter.

If you want to try and leave your lilies in the ground then applying a thick mulch or fleece over the top can improve their chances of surviving the winter.