Can I Plant Nasturtiums In July?

Can I Plant Nasturtiums In July?

Looking to sow some nasturtium seeds but worried you might have left it a little late? Let’s have a look and find out if you can plant nasturtiums in July.

Can I Plant Nasturtiums In July?
Can I Plant Nasturtiums In July?

Can I Plant Nasturtiums In July?

Nasturtiums can be sown all summer long, and while July is probably the latest you want to be sowing them it isn’t too late, so get those seeds in the ground right now!

Nasturtiums are very fast growing, which is why they can be sown so late and still provide a great display.

How To Sow Nasturtiums

You can either direct or module sow nasturtiums. If direct sowing then they only need to be a little below the soil surface.

Just scatter them about where they are to grow and cover them with roughly 1cm of soil. If you are sowing in July I would recommend just direct sowing them where they are to grow.

How To Care For Nasturtiums

Nasturtiums are really easy to grow, and they actually thrive on neglect. They like poor soils and in the UK will never need watering unless we have a pretty much unprecedented drought.

If your plants are in containers then you may need to water them every now and again if it isn’t raining regularly.

You can also collect the seeds at the end of the season ready to grow again next year, or leave them in the soil and the plants will happily self-seed and come back next year.

Pest Control

Nasturtiums are great plants to grow on the allotment as decoy plants. Cabbage butterflies love nasturtiums and will actually ignore your brassicas if they are nearby.

This is why you so often see nasturtiums growing on allotment sites, they are not being grown for their flowers, although that is an added bonus, but rather for the fact they keep pests of veg crops.

Aphids, in particular the black fly that normally infects broad beans, are also drawn to nasturtiums and can again be a really effective decoy crop.