Can I Plant Potatoes In August

Can I Plant Potatoes In August?

Yes, you can grow potatoes in august, there are a few potentially very serious drawbacks though which I will talk about below.

A second crop of potatoes planted now will grow and produce a nice winter crop for you. The main potential issue though is potato blight, and this can be very serious indeed.

Potato Blight

Growing late potatoes makes them a lot more susceptible to potato blight as there is more and more of it around as the season progresses so this can be a real problem for potatoes started in august. This can be even more of a problem if you plant them into beds where you just harvested potatoes from.

Growing potatoes indoors under cover vastly reduces the risk of potato blight as the airborne pathogen is usually blown in. So if you are going to sow them this late into the season I would advise growing them in a polytunnel or even in pots/buckets in your greenhouse.

Blight is a serious problem and if you get it then it can overwinter in any potato tubers left in the ground, these will then ruin your next year’s crops and probably everyone else’s crops in the vicinity. You won’t be popular on the allotment site if you bring blight in so be aware of the signs and if you see it starting then take action.

Learn more about potato blight on the RHS website.

What Potato To Plant In August?

Nicola potatoes are one of my favourites for growing at this time of year, they usually grow well and provide much-needed produce in winter.

A smooth-skinned yellow potato with a great flavour. Perfect for boiling and salads. One of the most popular summer planting varieties, it can be planted in late summer for a second crop late harvest.

Perfect For July Planting
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How To Plant Potatoes In August

You can plant second crop potatoes as soon as you get them, you don’t need to chit them first as you do with other potatoes.

One of the biggest problems you will have is finding seed potatoes at this time of year as nowhere near as many places stock them at this time.

The big seed companies are your best bet and the Nicola ones above were in stock at Suttons and shipping immediately last time I checked.

As I mentioned earlier I would advise you to grow these potatoes under cover, not only because it reduces the risk of potato blight but it will also just help your potatoes to grow in the cooler conditions coming your way.

You will be able to leave these potatoes in soil and harvest at Christmas. For potatoes grown outside you will want to dig them up when they are ready in October before the really cold weather sets in.

Growing Potatoes In Tubs

Growing potatoes in large pots or tubs is actually really simple and easy to do. To start with you need a large tub or pot, I like these fabric pots as they are cheap and easy to store when not in use.

Perfect For Spuds!
We earn a commission from any items purchased through this link at no charge to yourself. This helps fund what we do here!
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The method for growing potatoes in pots is very simple. Add a bit of compost to the bottom of the tub, somewhere around 7-10cm deep so not much at all.

Then place the potato on top of this compost and then cover it fully with more compost. The soil level will be really low in the pot at the moment but don’t panic that is what we want.

My Potatoes In A Canvas Bag
My Potatoes In A Canvas Bag

Then as the plant grows like in the photo above from my allotment you simply add more compost. The potatoes in the photo above are ready to have more compost added.

This essentially allows us to mound up pot-grown potatoes in much the same way as you would with ones grown in the ground. Keep going until your soil level is up near to the top of the pot.