Can I Plant Watermelons In July

Can I Plant Watermelons In July?

Want to grow your own watermelons but worried you might have left it a bit late? Can you even plant watermelons in July? let’s have a look and find out.

Can I Plant Watermelons In July
Can I Plant Watermelons In July

Can I Plant Watermelons In July?

Watermelons are slow to get going and develop fruit, particularly in the UK where conditions are suboptimal. That is why I think July is probably a bit too late though, you could give it a go though, all you have to lose is a few seeds.

Different Types To Try

As I mentioned before there are certain types of watermelon you could grow that will give you a better chance of being successful from a July sowing.

The first one is Sugar Baby. As the name suggests this is a smaller watermelon, but one that is super sweet.

The smaller fruit is quicker to mature than a regular watermelon which makes it better for sowing in July.

Find sugar baby seeds here at premier seeds direct.

The other type to try isn’t really a true watermelon. Cucamelons are mini fruits, almost like a jumbo grape. They have a watermelon crossed with lime flavour.

They grow on vines like watermelons and produce tonnes of tiny little fruits.

One of the best things about Cucamelons is that they are perennial, so even if you don’t get lots of fruit off them this year from a July sowing you will be sure to get plenty next year.

Find cucamelon seeds here at premier seeds direct.

How to sow watermelon seeds

Watermelon seeds don’t like to be transplanted so if possible direct sow them where they are to grow. Because we are a little late to the party with these seeds we want to sow them in a fertile compost to try and speed up growth.

Push the seeds into the soil so they are roughly 3-5cm below the surface and water well. Try your best to keep slugs off the young plants as they will destroy them.

To help with this it is always a good idea to sow a few more seeds than you plan to grow. You can always thin out and dispose of some if you are too successful!

Once they have established we will start to feed them once a week with a regular plant and veg feed. This is again to try and speed up growth and make sure we get some watermelons before the growing season is over.

Supporting Watermelons

You will either need to let the vines grow rampant around your greenhouse or polytunnel or provide support and grow them vertically.

If you are growing vertically then you will also need to net each watermelon or else they would just fall of the plant when they start getting heavy.