Can I Sow Peas In July

Can I Sow Peas In July?

Is it too late to sow peas or is it too late to grow them and get a harvest this year? Let’s find out if you can sow peas in July.

Can I Sow Peas In July
Can I Sow Peas In July

Can I Sow Peas In July?

So which pea should I sow then I hear you cry. Well, I would recommend a petit pois, specifically waverex. You can find the seeds here on premier seeds direct.

This is a prolific Petite Pois variety producing an abundance of small, very sweet and tender Peas on medium-sized plants (45cm).  Delicious and excellent for freezing.

Petite Pois are a quick-growing pea and because they only grow to roughly 50cm they start producing peas much earlier than other types, this is perfect for the late sowing we will be doing.

Sow in rows or in a circle around a wigwam, water well and keep them well watered when growing. Even though these are a more compact pea you still need to provide support if you want to get the most out of them.

Pea Shoots

You can also sow peas in July and harvest them just for the shoots. These are delicious, taste just like peas and make an excellent salad topper.

To grow pea shoots fill a seed tray with compost, throw a load of pea seeds on there, and really pack them in.

You then cover with a thin layer of compost and water well. Grow in a sunny, sheltered spot, a windowsill or greenhouse is ideal.

Peas should start appearing in a few days and you can harvest them when they are 10-15cm tall.

To harvest just cut the entire shoot off from the soil and eat the whole thing.

You can grow pea shoots all year round indoors and they are really delicious, if this is something you haven’t tried then it is defiantly worth giving it a go.