Can I use rose clear on lupins?

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Aphids on lupins are a real common problem and one that sometimes needs chemical intervention to cure. There are lots of insecticides that can work well on lupins but if you have some rose clear sitting around then you may well be asking if you can use rose clear on lupins, well let’s have a look and find out.

Can I use rose clear on lupins?

Yes, rose clear can be used on lupins. Rose clear will work on a wide range of flowers and does kill aphids. Lots of people have used it on lupins without problems.

What makes rose clear different?

Rose clear and bug clear are very similar products from the same company. Bug clear is what I recommend to gardeners trying to kill aphids who want to use an insecticide.

The difference between the two is that rose clear also contains a fungicide designed to help with specific rose problems like rust.

It also helps with powdery mildew and black spot which can actually also be problems on lupins, so maybe a bit of a win-win here if you do have rose clear already.

Kills Lupin Aphids
Miracle-Gro Bug Clear Ultra Gun 1Ltr
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Kills all major insect pests, including whitefly, greenfly, black fly, red spider mite, caterpillars and lily beetle, scale insects and mealy bugs For use on flowers, fruit and vegetables.

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About Rose Clear

From the manufacturer:

Our specially developed RoseClear Ultra formulation tackles aphids, blackspot, powdery mildew and rust with each treatment.

Each spray contains active ingredients that protect your plants from pests and diseases for up to 3 weeks.

Safe for most species and varieties of plants. Fast-acting results in as little as 24 hours.

About Bug Clear

From the manufacturer:

BugClear Ultra is a contact and systemic action insect killer offering a broad spectrum of pest control that protects for up to 3 weeks.

Kills all major pests including aphids, caterpillars, whiteflies, mealybugs and red spider mites.

This product can be used indoors, outdoors and in conservatories on flowers, fruit and vegetables.

Other pests that love lupins

So we know aphids love lupins, even going as far as there to be a lupin aphid that seemingly only feeds on them. But what other pests love lupins?

Slugs and snails

Yes, the classic. If you have ever grown lupins then you will probably already be well aware that slugs and snails love them. Learn more in my will slugs eat lupins article.

White fly

White fly lay their eggs on lupins and the larvae live inside the leaf and eat their way out, causing damage as they go. You can learn more about whitefly and lupins in my what are the white bugs on my lupins article.

whitefly on a cucumber leaf
whitefly on a cucumber leaf

More on Lupins

Lupins are a beautiful flower that you will find in many British gardens. Lupins are a staple of British cottage gardens, famed for both their height and colour. Originally hailing from the Mediterranean they are a perennial that will greet you with a gorgeous display year after year.

They produce a large flowering spike that is full of colour and each plant can have lots of these spikes leading to a fabulous display. They will begin to flower around may and can last well into June. The flowers do go to seed quite quickly but your lupin will continue to produce more and more new spikes.

To get the best out of these spikes though it is essential to deadhead the old spikes to give the new ones a chance to flourish. Also cutting your lupins back in autumn can help them the following spring. The seeds are edible but if not treated properly first they can be poisonous to animals and humans. Greenfly can be a common problem for lupins here in the UK.

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