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Raised Beds, Topsoil or Compost?

When it comes to filling your raised beds up should you use topsoil or compost? And if you are using topsoil should you just dig some out of the garden or buy some bags from the shop? Let's have a look and answer all those nagging questions about filling your new raised beds.topsoil or compost ...

Raised Beds in a Greenhouse

Welcome to the complete guide to raised beds in greenhouses, if you have a question about raised beds in greenhouses then you are likely to find the answer below!Raised Beds in a greenhouseCan you put raised beds in a greenhouse?Yes, and if you ask me you should. Raised beds allow you ...

Raised beds from railway sleepers?

Building your raised beds from railway sleepers, is this a good idea or not? let's jump into the pros and cons of using railway sleepers for your raised beds and see whether this is the method for you!Raised Beds From railway sleepersReclaimed Railway SleepersStraight off the bat, I ...

What to line raised beds with?

If you are just building or have just built a raised bed then you probably have two questions right at the front of your mind. What do you fill it with and what should I line it with. Let's have a look at the lining question right here and now and see if you even should line your raised beds, and ...

What wood to use for raised beds?

If you are thinking of building some raised beds in your garden or allotment then you may well be wondering which wood to use. There are lots of different options out there at varying price points, but what works best for raised beds? What wood should you use for raised beds?what wood to use ...

Really simple raised bed build

If you are looking for a really simple and easy way to build a raised bed quickly with just basic tools then this guide is for you.Really simple raised bed buildThis is a really simple but effective way of building raised beds using basic equipment. I will be using a drill, handsaw and ...

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