Do Slugs Eat Begonias?

If you are trying to spruce up your garden and add a little colour but keep losing plants to slugs then you will want to know if the next lot of flowers you plant will fare any better. You may have been told to try begonias, but why is that? Do slugs eat begonias?Do Slugs Eat BegoniasSo, ...

Are Begonias Perennials or Annuals?

This is a question that often confuses gardeners, and it is easy to see why. The simple answer is that begonias are both annual or perennial, depending on the cultivar grown.Tuberous Begonias vs Rooted BegoniasThis is where a lot of the confusion stems from. When treated with care, ...

How to divide begonia tubers

Tuberous begonias will come back year after year, and with every passing season, the tubers will grow in size. Once they are getting quite large, you may start to think about dividing them down and creating new plants. Just be aware though, that new, smaller tubers will not provide as many flowers ...

How to sow Begonia seeds

Begonia's can be grown from both tubers and seeds, if you want to know how to start begonia tubers read our article here. But if you are here to learn how to grow begonias from seed then read on. Sowing Begonia's While most people are aware of tuberous begonias not many gardeners also know they ...

How to Start Begonia Tubers

Spring is finally arriving. Well, it should be but it's still absolutely freezing today. Nonetheless, with spring coming in, it means we finally get to get back in the garden and start getting some colour going.With that in mind, I'm starting my begonia tubers today. I like to start them ...

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