Should I Pinch Out Calendula?

We are often told to pinch out the growth tips of certain plants to encourage bushier growth, this is most certainly true for flowers like sweet peas but should you pinch out calendula? let's have a look and find out.Should I Pinch Out CalendulaShould I Pinch Out Calendula?You can ...

Should You Grow Calendula With Carrots?

Everyone knows that marigolds are a common companion plant, but does this extend to pot marigolds? Should you grow Calendula with carrots to help deter pests?growing Calendula with carrotsCalendula as a Companion PlantThey are sometimes used as a companion plant for attracting ...

How To Identify Calendula

Calendula is commonly mistaken for being a marigold, so how do you identify calendula and how do you tell it apart from a common marigold?How to identify calendulaHow to Identify Calendula PlantYour standard run of the mill calendula flower looks more like a daisy than a marigold and ...

How Far Apart To Plant Calendula

If you are just moving some young Calendula plants into your garden then you are probably wondering how far apart you should plant Calendula. Let me help you out with this handy far apart to plant calendulaWhat space to leave between Calendula plantsCalendula is not a fussy ...

Is Calendula A Perennial?

Some people say Calendula is a perennial while others say it is only an annual, so which is it? is Calendula a perennial? Let's have a look and find out.Is Calendula a perennialSo, is it a perennial?Calendula in the UK is what's known as a hardy annual, it can survive some bad ...

How To Grow and Care For Calendula Seedlings

Calendula is a popular herb grown for both its looks and medicinal properties. If you are thinking of growing this attractive herb then growing from seed is definitely the way to go. Calendula is not a hard plant to grow from seed but if you are growing it for the first time then my how to grow ...

Is Calendula The Same As Marigold?

Calendula is more commonly known as pot marigold and this causes some obvious confusion with the more common marigold or french marigolds. Are these the same plants? Are Calendula the same as marigold? Read on to find out!Is Calendula The Same As MarigoldAre Calendula and Marigold the same ...

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