Is It Too Late To Plant Dahlias?

Looking to plant some Dahlias but worried it might be a little too late in the season? Well, my guide will let you know just when is the right time to plant these gorgeous flowers.Is It Too Late To Plant DahliasWhen Can You Plant Dahlias?The easiest way to answer this question without ...

Can You Use Tomato Cages For Dahlias?

Dahlias produce simply outstanding blooms, but if you have grown them before you will know that these blooms can bring problems, problems that require support. So when looking for ways to support your dahlias you have obviously pondered whether you can use tomato cages? Let's have a look and find ...

Do Slugs Eat Dahlias?

The delicate pop pom blooms of dahlias are beautiful and every gardener should try to have a few in their garden. but if you are growing them for the first time then you will want to know what pests you need to worry about, and when we think about pests in the UK then slugs are always top of the ...

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