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Growbag Trial

growbags come in all shapes, sizes and prices. But are the more expensive growbags worth it? I ran a trial to find out.growbags ready to goWhat is the trail?My setup is pretty basic, I have bought six different grow bags and will be testing them by growing two tomatoes in each bag. I ...

What To Do With Used Grow Bags?

If your growing season is drawing to a close and you have some old used up grow bags then you may be wondering what you can do with them. Read on for my top tips and advice on how to recycle used grow bags.What to do with used grow bagsWhy You Shouldn't Reuse Grow BagsThere are two ...

What Size Of Grow Bag Do You Need?

If gardening in a greenhouse or poly tunnel you may well be using grow bags. But there are so many different sizes of grow bags available, what size do you need?Tomato in Grow BagThe bigger the grow bag you have the more room there will be for the roots of your plant to grow into. Also ...

Why use raised beds?

If you are thinking of using raised beds in your garden or allotment then you will be wondering what advantage they give you over gardening straight into the ground. So let me give you some of the benefits of raised beds and why you should or shouldn't use raised beds.why use raised beds...

Can you grow potatoes in winter?

The short answer is yes; you can grow potatoes in winter here in the UK. To grow potatoes in winter you need to select the right varieties and grow them in either a heated greenhouse, insulated cold frame or indoors. It's not quite that simple though so make sure you read our guide to ensure your ...

How to change your soils pH level

The pH of the soil is the value given to how acidic or alkaline your soil is. If you can remember back to high school science pH is on a scale of 0-14 0 = most acidic 7 = neutral and 14= most alkaline.Your soils pH level can have a massive impact on plant growth, some plants will thrive in ...

Cutting Wet Grass

Cutting wet grass is an exercise in patience. For much of the year, your garden is constantly growing regardless of whether conditions favour its maintenance. In a perfect world, grass would grow at a steady pace every day, and there would be set times to cut the grass during which all of the many ...

Pruning Apple Trees

Pruning apple trees can be a daunting prospect to many gardeners, but it really needn't be. Take your time and you can't go far wrong. And remember that doing something is better than leaving the tree to grow out of control. It is best to prune apple trees while they are bare, I try and cut in ...

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