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Can I use sawdust as mulch?

If you do a lot of woodworking you will inevitably be left with a lot of sawdust and maybe thinking of useful ways to reuse

how to mulch carrots for winter

How to mulch carrots for winter

How to mulch carrots for winter Everyone who has grown their own carrots before will know just how delicious they are. But not many gardeners

vegetables to grow in pots over winter fetaured

Winter vegetables to grow in pots

Everyone would love a steady supply of fresh homegrown vegetables over the winter but think it impossible to grow their own. Well, fear not, even

the best cold frames

Best Cold Frames

A cold frame can be a useful tool for gardeners, allowing you to extend your growing season at both ends of the year. They are

image of gardener using garden fork

Best Garden Forks

If you have flower beds or are working on a vegetable garden, a garden fork is an essential tool every amateur or experienced gardener needs.


Best Cordless Strimmer

A cordless strimmer can be used for garden maintenance such as tidying lawn borders, trimming tall grass, tackling overgrowth, and getting in those hard-to-reach areas

Best soil Testers Featured Image

Best Soil Testing Kit

As all keen gardeners know, it’s not always easy getting those damn plant to grow. Sometimes it feels like no matter what you do, you