Broad Beans
Do Slugs Eat Broad Beans?

Something munching at your broad beans, could it be the old enemy? Do slugs even eat broad beans? Let's have a look and find out.Do Slugs Eat Broad BeansDo Slugs Like Broad Beans?There isn't much a slug won't eat, but there are certain plants they prefer over others. Broad beans ...

Do Ants Eat Blackfly?

If you have spotted Blackfly on your broad beans then you might also have seen some ants hanging about nearby and wondered if this is a good thing, are the ants eating the blackfly?Do Ants Eat BlackflyDo Ants Eat Blackfly?So the ants are not a good thing at all but it is no surprise ...

Help! My Broad Beans Have Gone Leggy

If your broad bean seedlings have grown very leggy (very long and slender) then you may be wondering what you did wrong and if there is any way you can fix it? Let's have a look and find out.Leggy Broad BeansWhy do broad beans go leggy?Growing seedlings indoors is one of the main ...

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