Cleaning A Patio With Bleach

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The great thing about this method of cleaning your patio is that it is very inexpensive to do. Often we have what is needed in our cleaning cupboards, which means that if you get a moment of opportunity to get out there and scrub your patio when you can. This works particularly well if you only have a small area of patio that you need to deal with. If you are about to clean your patio, check out our guide to the best patio cleaners.

However, there is an element of caution that is needed when it comes to using bleach on your patio. Make sure that your paving hasn’t been treated with specific products before, and is also not made from man-made coloured concrete as the bleach can fade the colouring once used. Try and be cautious with where the bleach flows, as if this gets onto your flowerbeds, the bleach can and will kill off those plants. On the plus side, it is handy for cleaning moss, algae, and weeds. 

Step one

Remove any patio furniture and other items on the paved area that you are wishing to clean. This gives you the full surface to work with. 

Step two

A great starting point is to sweep the whole paved area clean. This removes any loose dirt and also enables you to get rid of any fallen debris like twigs or leaves. If you can, pick out any of the more enormous weeds with your hand or tools that you have. 

Step three

Wet the patio with clean water. You should then rinse and sweep away any loose dirt before you add the bleach and water solution. 

Step four

Mix the bleach with water in a watering can. Consider the 5-1 ratio. This means one measure of bleach to five equal parts of water. This should be sufficient to give you the results you are after. You can then apply the solution to the patio ahead and use a brush and clean the paving slabs. 

Step five

Make sure you leave the bleach on the surface for around fifteen minutes before rinsing off with clean water. Brush again to help get rid of the excess water and bleach solution. You can then return any patio furniture once dried. 

This can be a very inexpensive way of cleaning your patio. Still, it can be very labour-intensive and require a lot of time and effort on your part. But for smaller areas, it can and will give you the desired results you are after.

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