Do Daffodils Need Full Sun?

Do Daffodils Need Full Sun?

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Where to plant your new daffodil bulbs? It is a question many of us ponder around this time of year and one thing to definitely think about is whether daffodils need full sun or not, so let’s have a look and find out.

Do Daffodils Need Full Sun?
Do Daffodils Need Full Sun?

So, Do Daffodils Need Full Sun?

The short answer is no, daffodils do not strictly need full sun, although they do better the more sun they get.

Daffodils can survive in partial shade but they will not look their best. If you try and grow them in full shade then they will be very stunted.

If you think about when daffodils are growing, in early spring, then sunshine is already at a premium. The days are short and often cloudy, so by planting daffodils in a shady spot we are just hampering them further.

They can survive in partial shade but much prefer a spot in full, direct sunlight.

What Happens If My Daffodils Don’t Get Enough Sun?

The usual symptoms of a lack of sunlight are stunted growth, where the leaves just don’t grow that tall at all, and then zero flowering.

Daffodils that have too much shade just will not flower at all and you will be left with just a few green leaves but no gorgeous blooms.

Can Daffodils Get Too Much Sun

Here in the UK? No, they can’t. Especially in spring when the sun over the UK is fairly weak daffodils need all the sunlight they can get and they cannot get too much.

If you are in a different part of the world then it is possible for them to get too much sun, but not here in blighty.

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