Do Dahlias Grow Well In Pots

Do Dahlias Grow Well In Pots?

Looking to grow your Dahlias in pots this year but not sure how well they will do? Do Dahlias grow well in pots? let’s have a look and find out.

Do Dahlias Grow Well In Pots
Do Dahlias Grow Well In Pots

Do Dahlias Grow Well In Pots?

So what are the advantages of growing dahlias in pots? well to start with you can fill the pot with high-quality compost which will be much better than your garden soil.

This is important in a few ways. one reason is that Dahlias love free draining soil and a full compost mix will be really light and well-draining.

The next is that Dahlias are hungry plants and by planting them in a multi-purpose compost we are giving them plenty of food to get them off to the best start possible.

Lifting The Tubers

Another great advantage that growing dahlias in pots also gives you is that it makes them really easy to lift and store over autumn and winter.

You could even just leave them in their pots and bring the pots into a sheltered spot if you would like. This makes saving your dahlia bulbs over winter no effort at all.

Regular Feeding & Watering

One thing you need to keep on top of, and a slight drawback to growing in pots is feeding and watering.

As I mentioned earlier, dahlias are hungry plants, and if you want them to flower at their absolute best then you need to feed them regularly.

This is more true with pot-grown dahlias than anything else as they will soon exhaust the food in their pots, so feed well once a week in peak season.

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This is the feed I use in my garden for everything, flowers and vegetables alike. Just dilute some down in a watering can and feed your plants regularly.

With pot-grown dahlias, you also need to keep on top of your watering and make sure they don’t dry out at all.

Dahlias are tropical plants, and as such, really don’t like to dry out. If it’s hot and sunny, I know this is Britain we are talking about but if we do get some good weeks, then you need to be watering every few days.

Dahlias in pots will dry out a lot quicker than dahlias in the ground. So that is why it is more important to keep on top of watering potted dahlias than ones in the ground.

More on Dahlias

Dahlias are simply stunning summer flowers, the pop pop head produces amazing displays. The plant is a member of the Asteraceae family along with daisies, asters and marigolds.

Usually grown from a tuber but they can also be grown from seed. The tubers require special care over winter here in the UK and many growers end up with an almost fanatical devotion to their dahlias.

Despite being unable to survive winter outdoors in most of the UK, they thrive in our summer conditions. The moderate but wet climate we have is absolutely perfect for them.


Dahlias make the perfect container flower and are commonly grown this way. Growing them in containers also makes preserving the tuber over winter a lot easier.