Do weed burners work

Do Weed Burners Work?

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You have probably seen adverts for weed burners popping up everywhere, these burners seem to be rapidly gaining in popularity. But do weed burners work?

I went out and bought three different weed burners in order to answer this very question, so let’s find out if they are worth buying or now.

Gas Vs Electric

The first point to mention is that there are three different types of weed burners. You have electric burners (essentially a hairdryer on steroids), handheld gas weed burners and heavy-duty gas burners (also known as roofers torches).

Do electric weed burners work?

Well, yes and no. They do work in that they can burn and kill weeds. But they are low powered and slow. You will be standing over the weeds for a while waiting for them to burn, for this reason, I really don’t like recommending the electric weed burners.

Electric Weed Burner In Action
Electric Weed Burner In Action

Handheld Gas Weed Burner

These do work, they can burn up those pesky weeds and have them in flames in a few seconds. They are easy to use and not as scary as the full-blown gas torches I will talk about below. This is the sweet spot for most users and is the weed burner style I would recommend to most people.

Gas Weed Burner In Action
Handheld Gas Weed Burner In Action

Heavy Duty Gas Weed Burner

Now, these are some serious torches, also known as roofers torchers they are commonly used for melting bitumen when roofing. As you could probably guess, they pack a serious punch and can make light work of all weeds.

You need a separate propane tank for these bad boys and also need to be wary of causing a fire, yes they are that powerful.

heavy duty gas weed burner burning weeds
It’s a weed massacre!

So do weed burners work?

Yes, they definitely do, take a look at the before and after photos below of some burning I did to see that for yourself. Even if you don’t fully burn the weed to ash, the heat from the burner can be enough to kill the cells inside of the weed, leading to eventual death.

Horsetail after it has been burnt with a weed burner
The same horsetail after a few days
The same horsetail after a few days

So, which weed burner to buy?

Now you are wondering which exact weed burner to buy, I have made the complete buying guide and tested lots of different burners to find the best weed burner!

How to remove weeds with a weed burner


  • Clear the area of any debris that may catch fire.
  • Light your torch (or turn it on with electric models!) and then slowly pass the flame on top of the weeds.
  • Avoid deflecting the heat towards any plants you want to save. Most weed burners come with a shroud that helps you “Aim” the heat.
  • Turn and burn the roots if possible, this will greatly increase your chances of killing the pesky blighter off for good!
  • Never burn a poisonous plant as the smoke can provoke reactions in some people.

Top Tips

  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Clearing debris is essential in summer to reduce the chances of the fire spreading.
  • If using a gas weed burner then always store the fuel in an upright position.

Watch the burners in action

if you want to see all of the different weed burners in action then watch this short video clip to see how they all work.

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  1. I bought a gas burner with propane gas cylinder.ive used it two days it was great at burning up already dead grass and weeds.tomorrow I will check on the after effects on weeds that were green.

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