Edzell blue potatoes - Heritage Veg

Edzell blue potatoes – Heritage Veg

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Welcome to the first in a new series of posts on my blog where I look at lots of different heritage veg varieties. This potato really does stand out due to its colour, hence the name, so read on to see if this is a potato you should grow.

Edzell blue potatoes - Heritage Veg
Edzell blue potatoes – Heritage Veg

Edzell blue potatoes

Named after the town of Edzell in Scotland where this variety is thought to have originated is this purple/blue second early potato.

This potato is readily available now but it was out of general circulation for a while before one farm brought this spud back from a seed bank.


It is not the most flavourful of spuds, coming in somewhere in the middle in terms of tasty potatoes, it has a more floury consistency than a lot of other spuds.

The one thing that separates this potato from other varieties is the bright purple skin and white flesh.

Hard to cook

This may be one of the main reasons this potato went out of fashion and was no longer grown, it can be very fiddly when it comes time to cook it.

This is mainly because of its floury texture, it seems to enjoy soaking up water. This makes it pretty unsuitable for boiling and mashing as you end up with quite a watery mash.

The best way to enjoy them is roasted, although small for a roasted potato, they taste delicious.

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