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How Deep Should You Plant Daffodil Bulbs?

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Looking to plant some daffodils for next spring but not sure how deep they should go. Well, worry not, I have you covered!

How Deep Should You Plant Daffodil Bulbs?
How Deep Should You Plant Daffodil Bulbs?

So, how deep should you be planting your daffodil bulbs? A really handy rule of thumb is to plant daffodil bulbs at roughly twice their depth.

For most daffodil bulbs this means you will be planting them at around 4-6″ below the soil surface.

Key Takeaway

A really handy rule of thumb is to plant daffodil bulbs at roughly twice their depth.

What Happens If You Don’t Plant Daffodils Deep Enough?

Not planting your daffodil bulbs deep enough can result in a problem called daffodil blindness among many other issues.

All that daffodil blindness means is that the plant never flowers, it will grow and send up leaves but never a flower stalk.

Another potential issue is that the bulb ends up exposed and above the soil surface. This makes it a prime target for pests and you may soon notice some nibbles in the bulb itself, this is obviously far from ideal for the long-term health of the bulb.

Some of the double-headed daffodils I grew last year

What Happens If You Plant Daffodils Too Deep?

This is much rarer than not planting your bulbs deep enough but you can in fact plant them too deep. You will have to go really deep here to be causing issues, say 10″ which is why it is not a common issue.

If you do plant your bulbs too deep then they can struggle to reach the surface. Think about it, a bulb only has a certain amount of stored energy and it doesn’t want to be using all of this stored energy just to reach the surface.

It will then have nothing left to put into leaf growth to start photosynthesising and converting sunlight into energy and further growth and more importantly for us, flowers.

Using A Bulb Planter

A bulb planter is a really easy way to plant daffodils and to ensure that you get them planted at the right depth.

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This bulb planter even has a handy depth gauge on the side so you know how deep you are going each and every time. This tool can really speed up planting daffodil bulbs and also ensure you are planting them at the same depth each and every time.


Plant daffodil bulbs at roughly twice their depth, for most bulbs this will be 4-6″. Use a bulb planter to help you dig quick and consistently deep holes.

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