How Long Do Dahlias Take To Grow

How Long Do Dahlias Take To Grow?

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Excitedly waiting for your dahlias to grow? or maybe you are worried they are developing a little slower and tasking too long. So how long do dahlias normally take to grow? let’s have a look and find out.

How Long Do Dahlias Take To Grow
How Long Do Dahlias Take To Grow

How Long Do Dahlias Take To Grow?

As a general rule of thumb though eight weeks is a good guide, if it has been a lot longer than this and you still have no flowers then you might have a problem.

One thing to note straight away is that Dahlias grow a lot slower in cooler conditions. These are flowers that really love the sun and warmth.

So if we have had a particularly cold spring and it is still earlier in the season then this may be one reason why your dahlias are developing more slowly than usual.

If these are nibbled off by slugs then there is still a good chance your Dahlia will be fine and will send up new shoots. This takes time though and will slow the initial growth of the plant.

But if your plant hasn’t been affected by poor weather conditions and has been left alone by slugs then what else can cause slow growth?

Probably the most common reason that we haven’t already eliminated would be poor soil nutrition. All plants need good nutrition to grow well, but Dahlias in particular are hungry plants.

You could try feeding your dahlias or alternatively, you could replant them somewhere with lots of high-quality compost if you think poor nutrition might be your issue.

More on Dahlias

Dahlias are simply stunning summer flowers, the pop pop head produces amazing displays. The plant is a member of the Asteraceae family along with daisies, asters and marigolds.

Usually grown from a tuber but they can also be grown from seed. The tubers require special care over winter here in the UK and many growers end up with an almost fanatical devotion to their dahlias.

Despite not being able to survive winter outdoors in most of the UK they actually thrive in our summer conditions. The moderate but wet climate we have is absolutely perfect for them.


Dahlias make the perfect container flower and are commonly grown this way. Growing them in containers also makes preserving the tuber over winter a lot easier.

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