How Many Dahlias Per Pot?

How Many Dahlias Per Pot?

Wanting to grow potted dahlias but unsure how many plants you should have per pot? Then this is the guide for you.

How Many Dahlias Per Pot?
How Many Dahlias Per Pot?

How Many Dahlias Per Pot?

Another important factor is the variety of dahlia you are planting, some dahlias grow a lot taller and wider than others. So the type of Dahlia you grow will greatly affect how many of them you should have per pot.

Unless you get a really large pot a lot of the time you will be better off just growing a single Dahlia per pot and letting it reach its full size.

Or if you want lots of different coloured blooms in a single pot then you could grow multiple smaller plants in one pot. One thing you will need to be careful of here is their tubers growing into each other and becoming entangled which can be a real problem.


When growing Dahlias in pots you really need to stay on top of your watering in summer. Dahlias are thirsty plants and when growing in pots need regular watering.

They don’t like their roots drying out so regular watering is essential. The more tubers you have per pot the more watering you will need.

Potting Up Dahlias

Putting your Dahlias into their pots is a really delicate process, especially with larger tubers. Here is how I like to do it.

Fill your pot halfway with compost and then gently place your tuber on top of this being careful not to knock it on the sides as you position it.

If you do knock some part of the tuber off then it may or may not grow into a new plant depending on what part broke off, read my full guide here.

Then gently fill in around the tuber with compost, you can use a trowel or just scatter it in with your hands. You will also want to give the pot a gentle shake to try and knock compost into all the gaps.

Once you have covered the tubers give them a quick water as this will compress the compost and really help fill all these gaps. After a quick watering, it’s back to top filling with compost.

You will want to regularly feed your potted dahlias with a tomato or general-purpose feed. Feed them about once a week if you want to get the best display.

More on Dahlias

Dahlias are simply stunning summer flowers, the pop pop head produces amazing displays. The plant is a member of the Asteraceae family along with daisies, asters and marigolds.

Usually grown from a tuber but they can also be grown from seed. The tubers require special care over winter here in the UK and many growers end up with an almost fanatical devotion to their dahlias.

Despite not being able to survive winter outdoors in most of the UK they actually thrive in our summer conditions. The moderate but wet climate we have is absolutely perfect for them.


Dahlias make the perfect container flower and are commonly grown this way. Growing them in containers also makes preserving the tuber over winter a lot easier.