How Many Strawberries Per Plant?

How Many Strawberries Per Plant?

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Excitedly waiting for your strawberries to grow and already counting your harvest in your head? How many strawberries can you expect per plant? Let’s have a look and find out!

How Many Strawberries Per Plant?

Luckily for us, strawberries are actually very fastidious fruit produces, a single plant can produce between 30-50 individual strawberries.

This is spread out over the growing season which is all of spring, summer and autumn so you won’t get all of these at once, but grow a few good healthy plants and you won’t be short on strawberries for a while.

Strawberries are a real favourite on our allotment, along with tomatoes they are one of the harvests that shows you just how bland mass-produced supermarket produce actually is.

One bite into a homegrown strawb and you will find it very hard to ever go back to that supermarket rubbish!

Strawberry Joy!
Strawberry Joy!

Just look at that face, that’s pure strawberry joy!

Different Types

There are different types of strawberries that produce fruit at different times of the year, I like to grow a few kings so I don’t end up with my harvest all at the same time. Here is what I grow:

Cambridge Favourite

The classic strawberry and a favourite of allotment sites up and down the country. A nice and sweet reliable plant that crops at the height of summer.


Another summer fruiting variety, I grow it because it is one of the sweetest strawberries you will ever taste. Completely different from anything you will find in a supermarket.

F1 Toscana

Fruits all summer and well into autumn too. not as nice as marshmellow but I like to grow it because it crops for a solid 6 months!

Growing Conditions

The growing conditions of your strawberries will affect the amount of fruit they produce.

Grow strawberries in rich fertile beds with plenty of room to sprawl and you will be rewarded with bumper crops. On the other hand, grow them in poor soil with very little room and you will end up with a few measly small strawberries.

Feeding your strawberries when they start to crop will also boost yields. You can use a general-purpose fruit feed but there are dedicated strawberry feeds available.

I think that is something I may test next year, specialist strawberry feed vs a regular fruit feed, what do you think?

Growing In Hanging Baskets

This is my favourite way to grow strawberries and every year I get bumper crops. The biggest plus for me is it keeps the slugs completely off my strawberries, and because I hang them in the polytunnel it also keeps the birds off too.

New Plants
New Plants

These are brand new bare root strawberries that have only been in this basket a month but you can already see how well they are cropping.

Growing strawberries like this is incredibly simple but rewarding and is something everyone can try, you won’t believe how different they taste when grown yourself.

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