how many tomatoes per plant

How Many Tomatoes Do You Get From One Plant?

If you are planning on growing tomatoes then it will be worthwhile to know how many tomatoes you get per plant, so let’s have a look!

How Many Tomatoes Per Plant?

There isn’t a one size fits all answer to this as it depends on a lot of factors, one of which is the type of tomato grown. Cherry tomatoes will produce many more tomatoes than a larger variety but they will be smaller.

The growing conditions, soil quality and weather that year will also play a part in how many tomatoes you get on each plant.

With all that said I will still try my best to give you an estimate.

Tomato Truss
Tomato Truss

This is a moneymaker tomato currently growing in my greenhouse. Moneymaker is a very popular tomato plant and produces what you would call normal-sized tomatoes.

There are two trusses visible in this photo and a total of roughly 34 flowers/tomatoes on the two trusses. So let’s say on average there is the potential for 17 tomatoes per truss.

That is presuming a 100% fertilisation rate, which isn’t realistic unless you hand pollinate every single flower, but theoretically, it is possible.

Now we need to know how many trusses the plant will create in total.

The Same Plant
The Same Plant

This is the same plant but higher up, you can see it is producing a lot of trusses with more still to come.

I would say there is the possibility for 10 trusses, if not more, but let’s stick with 10 for now.

That gives us a total possible number of tomatoes of 170 tomatoes!

This isn’t a realistic number and from my experience, if you get anywhere near 100 off a single plant you have done well.

This is growing in a really fertile bed in a greenhouse and has been properly trained since day 1, it also gets a weekly feed and to top it off money maker is known to be a very heavy cropper.

So to answer the question I would say that 40-100 tomatoes per plant are in the expected range for a regular-size tomato.