How Tall Do Dahlias Grow

How Tall Do Dahlias Grow?

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Wanting to grow some dahlias but worried about how they will fit in your garden? One question you will need to know is how tall do dahlias grow? Let’s have a look and find out.

How Tall Do Dahlias Grow
How Tall Do Dahlias Grow

How Tall Do Dahlias Grow?

Common Dahlias

A lot of dahlias like the popular Dahlia variabilis (Pompone) grow to around 4ft (120cm) high. This tends to be their max height and most will be around 3 or 3.5 feet tall.

A lot of Dahlias will be around this tall, there are dwarf varieties that are more compact and taller varieties available.

Dwarf varieties are nearly always labelled as dwarf dahlias and these are the ones you want to grow in pots if possible.

While dwarf dahlias are well labelled, giant varieties aren’t always sold as such. So it is important to check if you don’t have room for a 6-7ft monster before you buy your dahlias.

You can get Dahlias that only grow up to 30cm in height, these are really compact, especially when you realise some dahlias can reach 220cm! As you can see there is a lot of spread in this family of flowers.

So there is no one size fits all answer to high tall dahlias grow, the simple answer is it depends on the variety and it also greatly depends on the growing conditions the plants face.

More on Dahlias

Dahlias are simply stunning summer flowers, the pop pop head produces amazing displays. The plant is a member of the Asteraceae family along with daisies, asters and marigolds.

Usually grown from a tuber but they can also be grown from seed. The tubers require special care over winter here in the UK and many growers end up with an almost fanatical devotion to their dahlias.

Despite not being able to survive winter outdoors in most of the UK they actually thrive in our summer conditions. The moderate but wet climate we have is absolutely perfect for them.


Dahlias make the perfect container flower and are commonly grown this way. Growing them in containers also makes preserving the tuber over winter a lot easier.

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