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Is It Too Late To Plant Daffodils?

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Want a pop of springtime colour but worried you have left it too late to plant your daffodils? Let’s have a look and find out if indeed it is too late to plant daffodils.

Is It Too Late To Plant Daffodils?
Is It Too Late To Plant Daffodils?

Well, the answer to this question depends on when you are searching for this answer, but the short answer is, probably not.

The normal season for daffodil planting is September, but they can be planted all autumn long and even planted in the winter.

Don’t believe me? Well as it so happens I was late to plant my daffodils last year, not getting them into the ground until January! Let’s have a look at how they got on.

These daffodils here I planted in January, now this is not the ideal time to plant them, but it still worked.

I did this as this was on my new allotment and I didn’t even have a bed ready to plant my daffodils in until January so I really had no other choice.

Planting Daffodils In January

These daffodils did well and flowered well, but they were a little behind what you would normally expect for daffodils.

So you can plant daffodils later but expect them to flower later, in the first year at least.

The Same Daffodils In Mid April
The Same Daffodils In Mid April

This photo was taken on the 19th of April and as you can see the flower buds are only just starting to open.

So from a winter planting, the daffodils were late but still did a really good job.

Some of the double-headed daffodils I grew last year

Here are some of the very same daffodils in a vase in my house, as you can see they had no issues at all with flowering.


So what have we learnt? Well mainly that you can plant daffodils late and still get a good flower display out of them, it just might be a little delayed.

You should plant daffodils in September if possible however I planted them in January and they were fine. I would say that February is probably your cut-off point and you shouldn’t really plant them any later than this, just store the bulbs and plant them next September.

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