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Pruning Apple Trees

Pruning apple trees can be a daunting prospect to many gardeners, but it really needn't be. Take your time and you can't go far wrong. And remember that doing something is better than leaving the tree to grow out of control. It is best to prune apple trees while they are bare, I try and cut in ...

How to remove weeds from a lawn

Non-weedkiller OptionsYou can obviously use weed killers if you want to remove weeds from a lawn. But I prefer to garden organically where possible and think more people should, so if you want to use a weed killer then just hop on Amazon and find one, there are tonnes of ...

How to clear a garden full of weeds

There are not many sights more daunting to a gardener than a completely overgrown garden. Weeds growing out of every possible nook & cranny, brambles sprawling out from the undergrowth, the stuff of nightmares. Whether moving to a new house, taking over an allotment plot or simply tackling your ...

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