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Sweet Pea Everlasting – Everything You Need to Know

Everlasting sweet peas are the perennial cousin of the regular sweet peas you will be more accustomed to, if you are planning on growing them in your garden then this guide is for you.

Sweet Pea Everlasting
Sweet Pea Everlasting

There are a couple of major differences between regular sweet peas and perennial sweet peas even after the fact that one is annual and the other perennial.

Everlasting sweet peas are not scented, unlike regular sweet peas. The gorgeous scent of sweet peas is one of the main reasons for growing them so it is important to bear this in mind.

Another detractor to the regular vs everlasting sweet pea equation is that everlasting sweet peas do not provide as many blooms as regular sweet peas do.

What you get in exchange for these detractions is a sweet pea that requires very little care and will come back year after year.

How to Sow Everlasting Sweet Peas

You sow everlasting peas exactly the same way as you would with regular sweet peas. Soak them in water for 24-48 before sowing them.

If you can use a root trainer and a heated seed mat if as this was shown in my experiment to aid germination. If you don’t have a seed mat though then it doesn’t really matter too much.

Do You Cut Back Everlasting Sweet Peas?

You don’t need to, but it is advised and is best practice to cut perennial sweet peas back to the ground in the autumn.

Are Everlasting Sweet Peas a Perennial?

Unlike regular sweet peas, everlasting sweet peas are perennial and will come back to life in the spring. They will still disappear in winter before reappearing from their roots the following spring.

How Do You look After Everlasting Sweet Peas?

Everlasting sweet peas are a very hardy plant and don’t need much looking after. They will need something to grow up and cling to like regular sweet peas.

Apart from giving them something to climb up you can pretty much leave these plants to it and they will look after themselves.

It will benefit from regular flower cutting to help prolong its flowering season although this is not essential.

How Tall Do Everlasting Sweet Peas Grow?

The height perennial sweet peas reach will vary depending on their conditions, how good is the soil? How much light do they get?

Ones grown in perfect conditions can reach a height of 2m when fully established.

Are Everlasting Sweet Peas Invasive?

Lathyrus grandiflorus is a type of everlasting sweet pea that is quite invasive and should be avoided. The more common Lathyrus latifolius is not as problematic although it can bully nearby plants so you should still keep a close eye on it.

For more information on different types of sweet pea then why not check out my complete guide to dwarf sweet peas.