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best hedge trimmers

Best Hedge Trimmers

Trimming hedges is hard work, but the results make it well worth your while, cleaning up the look of your garden. Frequent trimming will help

image of gardener using garden fork

Best Garden Forks

If you have flower beds or are working on a vegetable garden, a garden fork is an essential tool every amateur or experienced gardener needs.


Best Electric Lawn Rake

For most people, keeping your lawn looking healthy could be quite a hassle. These days, this doesn’t have to be the case. Having an electric


Best Cordless Strimmer

A cordless strimmer can be used for garden maintenance such as tidying lawn borders, trimming tall grass, tackling overgrowth, and getting in those hard-to-reach areas

Best soil Testers Featured Image

Best Soil Testing Kit

As all keen gardeners know, it’s not always easy getting those damn plant to grow. Sometimes it feels like no matter what you do, you

image of gardener using a lawn scarifier

Best Lawn Scarifier

The Best Lawn Scarifier The Einhell cordless is our best lawn scarifier. It uses 2x 18v batteries and has more than enough charge for medium-sized

image of gardening digging with spade

Best Garden Spades

The Best Gardening Spades A good spade will last you years, maybe even decades, that’s why it’s important to pick the right one if you

image of man pruning tree using a pruning saw

Best Pruning Saws

What is a pruning saw? A pruning saw is a short, often curved, saw created for sawing medium branches for the purpose of pruning, hence