What plants grow well in acidic soil

Acidic soil is usually caused by an abundance of decaying material, for this reason, forest floors usually contain very acidic soil. The best way to test the pH level of your soil is by using a soil testing kit. The more acidic your soil the fewer plants will grow well there. In general, most ...

How to change your soils pH level

The pH of the soil is the value given to how acidic or alkaline your soil is. If you can remember back to high school science pH is on a scale of 0-14 0 = most acidic 7 = neutral and 14= most alkaline.Your soils pH level can have a massive impact on plant growth, some plants will thrive in ...

Best Patio Cleaner

When it comes to our gardens, there can be one problematic area that we want to bypass after the winter months. It can be a vast expanse of space. Be covered in a considerable amount of moss, grime, and dirt. It can even be a slipping hazard. Have you guessed the area we are discussing? That’s ...

Gardening With Kids – 7 Top Tips!

Use Quick Sprouting Seeds We all know how easily distracted young children can be, they don't have the patience to wait months to finally see some seed growth. That's why quick sprouting seeds are a great way to get children interested in gardening. They can see results quickly without too much ...

Cutting Wet Grass

Cutting wet grass is an exercise in patience. For much of the year, your garden is constantly growing regardless of whether conditions favour its maintenance. In a perfect world, grass would grow at a steady pace every day, and there would be set times to cut the grass during which all of the many ...

How to clear a garden full of weeds

There are not many sights more daunting to a gardener than a completely overgrown garden. Weeds growing out of every possible nook & cranny, brambles sprawling out from the undergrowth, the stuff of nightmares. Whether moving to a new house, taking over an allotment plot or simply tackling your ...

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