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can you cut wet grass

Can you cut wet grass?

We’ve all been there, the grass is getting wrong, but the British weather keeps letting you down. Rain, rain and more rain. The question will


Best Electric Lawn Rake

For most people, keeping your lawn looking healthy could be quite a hassle. These days, this doesn’t have to be the case. Having an electric


Best Cordless Strimmer

A cordless strimmer can be used for garden maintenance such as tidying lawn borders, trimming tall grass, tackling overgrowth, and getting in those hard-to-reach areas

best grass seed imagine of new grass seed shoots

Best Grass Seed

There’s nothing better than looking out to your back garden and seeing a lawn of fresh, luscious green, healthy grass. However, as most homeowners soon

image of gardener using a lawn scarifier

Best Lawn Scarifier

The Best Lawn Scarifier The Einhell cordless is our best lawn scarifier. It uses 2x 18v batteries and has more than enough charge for medium-sized


Cutting Wet Grass

Cutting wet grass is an exercise in patience. For much of the year, your garden is constantly growing regardless of whether conditions favour its maintenance.


How To Service A Petrol Lawn Mower

A properly serviced and maintained petrol lawnmower can last a lifetime, making it well worth the investment. But where do you start? A brand new mower