The Best Garden Hand Trowel

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Whether you are planting bulbs, transferring seedlings or digging out some pesky weeds, you want a good hand trowel by your side. Gardeners trowels are easily one of the most versatile tools we have, and one I find myself reaching for again and again for a variety of different jobs.

As a lot of fellow gardeners have, I have gone through a lot of different trowels. I must admit I have fallen into the false economy trap when buying cheap trowels only to see them break time and time again. I decided enough is enough, and it is time to invest in a good quality hand trowel that will last for years and years.

With that in mind, I got digging (the virtual kind), studying the internet, trying to find as much info as I could to inform my buying decision. Now I’m here to save you tons of time and share this research with you, so you don’t have to spend hours doing it yourself!

The Best Garden Hand Trowel (in my opinion!)

Will Last Forever
Burgon & Ball RHS Stainless Hand Trowel
  • Wide, deep dish for maximum load.
  • Tang (neck) is precision forged to the optimal angle for ergonomic working.
  • RHS endorsed
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Burgon and Ball make exceptional quality tools right here in the UK. Based in Sheffield, they know a thing or two about steel and continue to use Sheffield steel to this day.

As soon as you pick this trowel up, you can feel the quality coursing through it. It does feel like it will last a lifetime, and that is a good thing for Burgon and Ball as they offer a lifetime guarantee on this trowel!

I am on a bit of a personal vendetta at the moment against cheap Chinese gardening equipment. It is usually crap and will not even last an entire season, and that is after it’s been shipped around the world. The whole business model doesn’t fit with my personal beliefs regarding sustainability. This trowel is the antithesis to cheap Chinese crap. To start with, it is made in Britain, but more importantly, it is made to last a lifetime.

Moving on from my mini-rant, it is time to talk more about the hand trowel itself. This garden trowel is endorsed by the RHS, which speaks volumes about the quality of this tool. Then there is the construction quality, which is excellent, to say the least.

Here you can see where the neck joins the spade. The neck is precision forged, and Burgon and Ball even go as far as to use a different steel composition here in the neck to ensure it is as strong as possible.

Being made from stainless steel ensures this trowel never rusts. The handle is made from FSC certified hardwood for maximum durability.


  • Overall length 30cm, maximum width of trowel head 7cm.
  • Handle: FSC certified hardwood
  • Trowel head: stainless steel
  • Hanging cord: leather
  • Weight: 196g

The B&B trowel provides all of these great features while not busting the bank. While it is more expensive than the crappy trowels that will only last you a year it is not drastically so. And this thing will last a lifetime, guaranteed! As it always ends up proving, the cheaper items end up being a false economy.

In the photo above you can see the leather strap at the end of the hand trowel. This is great for hanging the trowel in your greenhouse or shed and being made from leather should last a long long time.

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