Rootblast Weed Killer Review

The Ultimate Rootblast Weed Killer Review

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Finding the right weedkiller can be a real trial and error process, but it doesn’t have to. I have done some testing and thoroughly reviewed the Rootblast super strength concentrate weed killer so you don’t have to!

Rootblast Weed Killer Review (Should I Buy?)

So let’s cut right to the chase and say whether you should buy this weed killer or not. Well if you want a really high-strength, commercial weed killer then Rootblast is a great choice. I highly recommend this product if you want a glyphosate-based weed killer. Keep reading for the rest of the Rootblast weed killer review.

Highly Recommended
Rootblast Super Concentrated Weed Killer
£24.95 (£24.95 / l)
  • Commercial strength glyphosate weed killer for the home and garden
  • For use on unwanted vegetation and areas not intended to bear vegetation
  • Contains 360 g/l glyphosate for effective control of annual and deep-rooted perennial garden weeds,
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03/01/2024 02:27 pm GMT

About Rootblast

Rootblast is a Glyphosate based weed killer, so if you garden organically then this isn’t the weed killer for you. If, however, you just want the maximum weed-killing power then this might well be the product for you.

The weed killer comes as a concentrate which you dilute down and can then spray/water onto your weeds. Just a little note here, this stuff can hang around in your sprayer/watering can even after rinsing them out, so never use the same watering can that you use for your plants!

You can decide how strong you make your mix, up to a max dilution rate of 20%. In my experience, the product can be a little underwhelming at lower concentrations but is much more effective up near that 20% max. For this reason, I usually go for quite a strong mix when using Rootblast.

What Will It Kill?

Well, it’s Glyphosate-based, so anything it comes into contact with. I have tried it on some pesky dandelions and it worked well. It will also work on grasses, docks, nettles, willowherb, bindweed, woody brambles, tree stumps and Ivy.

It can also kill trees, especially if they are you, but can also damage established trees so be careful with how you apply this weed killer and don’t use it with a sprayer on windy days.

It’s an effective weed killer and will kill off anything it comes into contact with so be careful. This does make it an excellent weed killer for use on paths etc though.

Because it will kill anything it touches it is not suitable for use on lawns as it won’t only target the problematic weeds, it will kill all your grass as well.

How to Apply

There are numerous different methods you can use to apply Rootblast. Many people buy a sprayer and use that, while this is great for paths and patios it doesn’t work well for spot weed killing in and amongst your beds. This is because the mist can be carried in the air to plants you didn’t want to kill.

A slightly more targeted method is using a watering can and applying the diluted mix straight to the leaves of the weeds you want gone. Again though you can end up getting your weed killer on plants you don’t want to kill.

To be really targeted you can actually spot-apply this weed killer. this just means you apply it directly to the targeted weed using something like a paintbrush. If you are going to do this just be careful you don’t get the weedkiller on your skin and use gloves if possible!

How Long do the Weeds Take to Die?
This is a tough question to answer as it can vary depending on the plant. For me when I used it on dandelions the weeds started looking unhealthy after a day and had gone yellow in three days before fully dying after about a week.

The manufacturer says themselves that it can take from a few days up to 4 weeks for the weeds to fully die.


so, what did I find in my Rootblast weed killer review? Well, this is a very effective weed killer and I had no problems using it. If you want something effective and are not worried about it being Glyphosate-based then Rootblast is a great choice and I recommend it.

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