What plants grow well in acidic soil

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Acidic soil is usually caused by an abundance of decaying material, for this reason, forest floors usually contain very acidic soil. The best way to test the pH level of your soil is by using a soil testing kit. The more acidic your soil the fewer plants will grow well there. In general, most plants like fairly neutral soil but there are some varieties that will only grow in acidic soil, read on to find out what plants will thrive in acidic soil.


When thinking of ericaceous plants camellias always spring to mind. These flowers love acidic soil and will really thrive in a low pH environment.

2. Azaleas

You can’t talk about acidic plants without mentioning Azaleas. These wonderful flowering shrubs are known for their love of acidic soil.

3. Rhododendrons

Another famous ericaceous plant is, of course, the very popular Rhododendron.


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