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What To Do With Antirrhinum After Flowering? (Snapdragons)

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Antirrhinums, commonly known as snapdragons, provide a real splash of vivid colour. But what should you be doing with them once they have finished flowering? Let’s have a look and find out.

What To Do With Antirrhinum After Flowering
What To Do With Antirrhinum After Flowering

What To Do With Antirrhinum After Flowering?

If well looked after Antirrhinums can flower for months and keep flowering well in autumn.

The flowers do also work well as cut flowers in a vase so you don’t even need to wait until the flowers are fully done before cutting them.

How To Deadhead Snapdragons

Use a pair of sharp secateurs and cut the stem at the point where the flowers stop, you do not want to cut it off all the way at the base.

You can also cut back long, leggy, leafy growth to promote flower growth over foliage growth.

Once Flowering Has Finished

Once your snapdragons have finished flowering you can dig them up and get rid, unless you are in a micro-climate like Cornwall then snapdragons will not survive the winter.

Whether you keep deadheading the plants or not comes down to whether you want to let them self-seed. They are proficient self-seeders and can soon start taking over your garden.

Because of this, I choose not to let them self seeds and keep deadheading even when I am not expecting new flowers to form.

I also like to collect some seeds from the last few flowers and then grow these by hand the following spring.

Collecting Snapdragon Seeds

For collecting the seed pods I like to snip them off when the seeds are just starting to rattle, I then leave them in a dry but sunny spot, a greenhouse is perfect, for a couple of weeks.

This just ensures that they are fully dry and ready, after this, I store them in a brown paper envelope over winter before planting them next spring.

Doing this rather than letting the plants self-seed just gives you greater control over where your snapdragons are in the garden and also how many there are. You can also start them a little earlier under cover than they would appear naturally.

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