What To Do With Primroses After Flowering

What To Do With Primroses After Flowering?

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Primroses provide a splash of colour at an otherwise dreary time, but what do you do with them once those flowers have passed? Let’s look and find out exactly what you should do with your primroses after flowering.

Cut Them Back

When the foliage starts turning yellow in summer you should cut it back. This will allow fresh green leaves to appear, which is better for the plant and looks nicer in the garden.

Doing this clearing and tidying up will allow new, green leaves to appear over the summer. these in turn will be able to produce energy which the plant will store in its roots ready for next spring.

Move Them

If you want the space where your primroses are for some summer colour instead then they can be moved and almost stored until next spring.

Simply dig them up, aiming to take as much of the root with you as you possibly can. They can then be planted somewhere else in the garden before being moved back next spring.

Primroses like a shady or partially shady spot in the summer, they dislike being in direct, hot sunlight. If you have a tree with a shady canopy then under here is an ideal spot for primroses.

They can also be put into pots and positioned in partial shade. When growing in pots though you just need to make sure that the primroses never dry out, they hate having dry roots.

What To Do With Primroses In Autumn?

So we know what to do in summer, but what about when autumn rolls around and the plant starts dying back completely?

Well, simply put, just remove any dead foliage. This is done to improve the appearance of your garden but also provides a benefit to the plant as it reduces the risk of disease getting in through all this decaying matter.

Wild Primrose
Wild Primrose

Divide Your Primroses

Summer and Autumn are also the perfect time to divide up your clumping primroses in order to get free plants, and we all love free plants!

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