When Do Daffodils Bloom In The UK?

When Do Daffodils Bloom In The UK?

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Just planted some daffodil bulbs and can’t wait for them to flower but not so sure when this is in the UK?

Well, you have come to the right place. Read on to learn all you need to know about daffodil flowering times.

When Do Daffodils Bloom In The UK?
When Do Daffodils Bloom In The UK?

When Do Daffodils Flower?

The traditional daffodil flowering months in the UK are March and April, but several factors can influence this.

Flowering in February is quite regular and sometimes daffodils even flower in January.

The weather that year is the main driving factor in how early daffodils flower. As soon as the weather starts to warm then, daffodils will begin to poke their heads above the soil.

The sooner this happens, the sooner flowers will appear. So if we have a usually warm winter, then expect daffodils to appear and bloom earlier than usual.

On the other hand, if the cold winter weather stays around later into the new year then daffodils will be delayed in their growth and flowering.

Early Flowering Daffodils

There are also some varieties of daffodil that flower earlier than others. One such aptly named variety is February Gold, I bet you can’t guess when this usually blooms!

Late Planting = Late Flowering

You can also change the timing of your daffodils flowering depending on when you plant them.

Last year I didn’t get my daffodils into the ground until January on my allotment due to me creating a new bed for them.

This meant that their growth was delayed, and therefore their flowering was delayed. Here they are on the 19th of April and just about to begin flowering.

The Same Daffodils In Mid April
Daffodils In Mid April


So when do daffodils usually flower in the UK? As we have seen the normal months are March and April but they can flower as early as January and sometimes not even start flowering until well into April.

The usual cause of early flowering is a mild winter, this tricks the daffodils into thinking it is spring and thus they start growing and flowering.

Late flowering usually comes from late planting or on some years a really prolonged cold winter.

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