Will Daffodils Grow Through Bark

Will Daffodils Grow Through Bark?

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Wanting to plant some daffodils but the area where you will plant them is covered in bark mulch? You must then be wondering if daffodils will grow through bark? Let’s have a look and find out.

Will Daffodils Grow Through Bark Pinterest
Will Daffodils Grow Through Bark?

So, Will Daffodils Push Through Bark?

Yes, daffodils can push through bark and continue to grow and provide you with a wonderful flower display.

Daffodils are really adept at pushing up through the soil and whatever is above in order to access the light and continue to grow.

Bark, in most circumstances (more on that later), isn’t too much of a problem for daffodils.

I often place a thick layer of horse manure on my daffodils in winter to serve as both a fertiliser and weed suppressant. By the time spring rolls around this can be quite a thick, matted layer that the plants have to force their way through.

My daffodils have no issues with this whatsoever though, just as they wouldn’t with a layer of bark.

Daffodils Growing Through Bark
Daffodils Growing Through Bark

When Can Bark Become An Issue

As I alluded to earlier, while bark is usually no problem for daffodils there are certain circumstances where it can be a real pain for them.

This usually happens when the bark is heavily compressed by foot traffic. It then forms together into more of a solid mass that your daffodils will find harder to push through.

It can also sometimes end up sort of matted together by weed and fungal growth. Again this creates a material that is much harder for the daffodils to push their way through.

So make sure your bark is fairly loose and not matted together and your daffodils won’t have any issue growing through it.

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