Will Rudbeckia Grow In The Shade?

Will Rudbeckia Grow In The Shade?

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Do you want to grow rudbeckia but only have a shady spot in the garden available and are wondering whether it will still work or not? Well ponder no longer, let’s have a look and find out.

Will Rudbeckia Grow In The Shade?
Will Rudbeckia Grow In The Shade?

So while rudbeckia can grow in the shade it will not look as good as one grown in full sun. This doesn’t mean it will look bad though, it can still look amazing, but just not as nice as one grown in full sun.

How different it looks will depend on how much sunlight it gets. If your shady spot gets absolutely no direct sunlight all day then the rudbeckia will really suffer.

If the spot gets a few hours of sunlight a day though then the plant will do much better, it is all relative.

If you want my advice then I would say just go for it, if the plant really suffers and looks poor then you can always move it somewhere else next spring!

How Much Sunlight Does Ridbeckia Need?

Rudbeckia is a sun-loving plant that if possible likes at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day. If you live in an area that is often cloudy, like me, then the more direct sun it can get when the sun is shining the better.

Overcast conditions will often compound the issue of a plant being in a shady spot. If you live in an area that is often cloudy and then you also plant it somewhere where it only gets a little direct sunlight every day then the problem is twofold.

Will Rudbeckia Goldsturm grow in shade?

In my experience, most Rudbeckia cultivars require the same amount of sunlight, which is full sun if possible but if not, dappled shade will suffice.

Goldstrum is no exception to this and will always look its best when grown in full sun. Do not be off put by this though as it can still grow and flower in shadier spots, it just won’t be quite as good!

What Is The Best Spot To Plant Rudbeckia?

Rudbeckia like fertile but well-draining soil and are ideally suited to borders. They should be positioned in full sun for the best display but partial or dappled shade can also work well.

If the soil in the border is a bit tired then top it up with some fresh compost or add a general purpose feed like fish blood and bone before planting your rudbeckia.

These plants grow bushy and over the years can spread to be quite large, so bear this in mind when planning out your planting. They do work really well in a naturalised or cottage garden style border.

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